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Investing for Impact
Impact investing addresses society’s most challenging issues by using private capital to support social enterprises. Although still in its infancy, impact investing has garnered the attention of some of the biggest names in finance. The philanthropic sector, on the other hand, lags behind. Read More.
Listening to Grantees
The traditional relationship between funders and grantees is changing. The old formula, in which grantees hold a subordinate role, is giving way to a more balanced model in which foundations view nonprofit organizations as partners in helping them achieve goals. Read More.
Learning from Failure
Innovators like Google excel because they encourage risk-taking, invite feedback and examine why things don’t work. In contrast, many foundations see failed grants as money wasted, without reflecting on lessons learned. Oftentimes, a foundation’s answer to a failed grant is to discontinue funding. Read More.
Financing Social Enterprise
Social enterprise is one of the hottest concepts in business and philanthropy. Social enterprises have been defined as non-profit or for-profit ventures in which the economic activity is a means toward creating positive social impact. Today’s funders aren’t just awarding grants, they are investing assets in these initiatives. Read More.
Funding in Layers
Layered funding alters the traditional single-grantmaker formula by combining multiple sources of funding. More than simply aggregating sources of money, though, it requires strategic alignment of funders for specific projects. Philanthropy often forms the first layer, with social investors or government agencies providing additional layers. Read More.

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